As a copy editor with years of experience working with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques, I often come across phrases that can be optimized for better search engine rankings. One such phrase is „they are all in agreement“.

While this phrase is commonly used to indicate that everyone within a group or organization is in accord with a certain decision or action, its wording can be optimized for better SEO results.

Here are some tips on how to optimize this phrase for better search engine rankings:

1. Simplify the wording: Instead of using the full phrase „they are all in agreement“, simplify it to „agreed upon“. Not only is this shorter and more concise, but it also includes the keyword „agreed“, which is more likely to be searched for in the context of this phrase.

2. Use synonyms: To avoid overusing the same keyword in your content, use synonyms that still convey the same meaning. For example, instead of saying „they all agree“, you can say „they all concur“.

3. Use modifiers: Adding modifiers to your keywords can help you target specific search terms. For example, instead of just using „agreed upon“, you can use „unanimously agreed upon“ or „agreed upon by all“.

4. Use the phrase strategically: Don`t just use the phrase for the sake of SEO. Make sure it makes sense in the context of your content and adds value to your readers.

By optimizing the phrase „they are all in agreement“, you can increase the likelihood of your content appearing in search results for related terms. Just remember to use the phrase strategically and naturally within your content for maximum impact.